We have always thought that only thanks to a careful and continuous activity of research we would have been able to find ideas and to project articles finalized to the well-being of the users.
The PlatiuMed’ research laboratory, a highly qualified team of physicians, engineers, physiotherapists, trainers and designers anticipate from years, innovative solutions for the comfort.
The total synergy of the different competences allows the reaching of high qualitative standards and prestigious international recognitions.
The constant careful to the customer needs bring our engineers to the identification of innovative solutions tested and validated in the most accredited laboratories. Below are reported some examples of obtained results with magneto therapy.



Magneto therapy is effective because low frequency magnetic fields interact with cells, favoring the recovery of physiological conditions of equilibrium.
They have effect in the cellular membranes, making them more receptive. It helps to restore the correct membrane potential, that is fundamental, in order to assure the supply of the nutriment inside the cell.



Fibromyalgia is a syndrome characterized by wide chronic muscular pain linked to the rigidity.
The pain caused by fibromyalgia is spread all over the body, but generally affect more over the neck, thighs, shoulders, arms and the upper part of the back and chest. It involves those points rich in joints and nerve ends as elbows and knees.



It is scientifically demonstrated that the use of Magneto therapy slows the process of decrease of bones density. By re activating the cells, charged to the absorption of calcium, this therapy reduces the degenerative process and increases the effects of eventual treatments using calcium supplements.



It is a disease of the joints, especially in the vertebral column and knees, affecting the cartilage and causing degenerative injuries to the same. It shows itself initially with regressive injuries of the joints (loss of cartilage, that covers the joint heads) caused by overloading or by the activity of enzymes that attack the cartilage..



It is è a joint inflammation and there are more than 100 different types.
Among the various symptoms that characterize arthritis, the most common are heat, swelling, stiffness, pain, redness.
Possible causes include metabolic, traumatic, infectious, autoimmune, idiopathic factors.

 circulatory problems


The electro stimulation has successfully been applied also for beauty treatments, as the improvement of the blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, with all the benefits due to its application, make the electro stimulator a valuable assistance for the solve aesthetic problems such as cellulite, orange peel, fat pads, etc..



The aesthetic cellulite indicates an alternative condition of the subcutaneous tissue which is full of fat cells. It is located under the skin and is characterized from an increase of volume of the fat cells, where, in the intercellular areas the excess fluid accumulate. The balance of the venous and lymphatic system is modified with a slowdown of the bloodstream and with a fluid retention of the tissues.

 localized adiposity


We speak about adiposity when there is an excessive fat mass in the subcutaneous tissue. It is closely linked to hormonal and nutritional factors, therefore, it can affect both women and men and it can coexist with cellulite. The normal localized fat is often confused with the presence of cellulite, but while the first case is a normal subcutaneous fat pad, the second one is a pathological condition that can occur at different levels.



The muscles, if not made worked regularly, lose their tone and became softer and without force.
Here, therefore some programs that help in toning up some parts of our body difficult to tone with the normal gymnastics (e.g. inner thighs or belly).
The toning programs are useful to make the treated area more toned and strong.



The capillarization program through a slightly higher than refreshment stimulation, allows an increase in the oxygenation of capillaries and the removal of lactic acid from muscle fibers of fast type.



The face electro toning - lifting can be practiced without fear: there is no fear of excessive muscles development or an increase of wrinkles: on the contrary, doing work facial muscles under the epidermis, it causes a toning up process of the skin and a strengthening of the face connective structure, consequently wrinkles are reduced visibly.



Head and neck have a total of 57 facial muscles, some of which rarely work: with the passing of years, this lack of use, combined with the strength of gravity, means the progressive stretch and relaxation of the same, causing the loss of skin tone and the appearance of wrinkles.



Acne is a skin disease, that shows itself through spots or black and white points.

 red stretch marks


Stretch marks are skin blemishes, which show themselves as white lines, that occur when a person grows, suffers a sudden weight increase or suffers from certain kinds of diseases related with hormonal levels.