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The magnetotherapy is a safe and not invasive physiotherapy form.
The magnetic fields interact with cells, favoring the recovery of the physiological conditions of equilibrium and the normal activity of cellular metabolism with positive therapeutic effects of stimulation.
Through the pulsed magnetic fields we obtain a series of biological changes, that accelerate the healing process without the use of any drugs.

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braccio elettro


This type of treatment is based on the therapeutic use of electric impulses, generated from particles full of Energy. Its efficacy has been recognized in the rehabilitation field and it increases the sport performances of the athletes.
Athletes and not, have got a valid instrument to treat muscular contractures or tensions caused by hypotonia or muscular hypotrophy. Electrostimulation also helps in other situations like by injuries. Electrotherapy is particularly indicated in the treatment of cellulite, cutaneous ageing and it also improves the local circulation and the lymphatic drainage. The analgesic programs of our devices are the right solution for people who want to alleviate pain in a natural way without using drugs, which have a lot of side effects. The nervous system is able to slow down this transmissions through some neurological gates which can be successfully stimulate through the programs of our devices: specific programs or TENS and Analgesic.

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Ultrasounds are acoustic waves in high frequency between 1 and 3 MHz., no audible from human ear, that receives only sounds of a frequency lower than 0,02 MHz..
The way of carrying out ultrasound programs is to apply the head directly to the skin using an intermediary conductive gel.

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rughe occhio


The not ablative Radiofrequency technology (RFNA) has become a standard treatment in not invasive cosmetic medicine.
Bipolar Radiofrequency produces an electromagnetic field, that changes from positive to negative, it causes a rotational movement of tissues water molecules, that generates heat.
The controlled and located heat (about 41°), transmitted by aesthetic Radiofrequency, stimulates the synthesis and production of the new collagen, that is fundamental for the compactness and tonic aspect of the skin and elastin, that is responsible of the elasticity.
This type of treatment is a perfect system in order to tone up, compact and soften the skin. It is a very good method for to treat skin imperfections, wrinkles and cellulite.

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Laser nowadays has made a lot of steps forward from the very first manufactured in the 70s and its use covers a wide range of treatments that can range from ophthalmology, otorhinolaryngology, therapeutic and dermatology.
Obviously for all these applications the type of laser, the emitted wavelength and power are different, each one modulated according to the specific needs.
The best known action of aesthetic laser is that of stimulation to the production of collagen, acne attenuation and decrease of inflammation and skin congestion.
Following the biological and especially photothermal effects of laser is found in the treated area a deep tissue heating, which generates the activation of fibroblasts, the cells responsible for producing collagen and elastin, which are essential for a young and toned up skin.

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Mag Oxygen is an air ionizer, whose function is to electrically charge the gas molecules that make up the air, making it cleaner, without the use of filters and without releasing any chemicals. The device does not have health contraindications, so, unlike other purification systems, it does not require the treated premises to be evacuated: this way the disinfecting action is continuous. This ionizer loads the environment with negative ions, which neutralize positive ions dispersed in the air by pollutants such as dust, pollen, bacteria, and mould. In physics, the opposite poles attract each other and, therefore, when these two ions join together, they create ionized air. This binding makes the air pollutants heavier, making them falling into the ground. Therefore, the ionization of the air neutralizes toxins and prevents them from entering the lungs when breathing, making the air cleaner, healthier and odourless. Mag Oxygen guarantees an excellent indoor spaces sanitizing action and a continuous air regeneration, improving its overall quality, everything with minimal impact on the environment, thanks to its very low energy consumptions.

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